Kakarot Mc


Kakarot MC takes his name from the Japanese Manga/Television Show “Dragonball Z”. Kakarot is the alien name for the show’s protagonist, Goku. But unlike the Manga, this Kakarot need not get angry, or excited, to ascend to unearthly levels of power. No, no, to watch this Kakarot start to glow with energy, one only need put a microphone in his hand.

Kakarot MC is the alter ego of Brian Bowen, who is native ATLien. He has been involved with the scene since it’s birth, making his name as one of the most accomplished Breaker/B-Boy Dancers in the Southeast US. It was during this time, and because of Kakarot’s love for all things B-Boy, that he started rhyming. He forged his craft in his early days by planting his roots in Hip-Hop Rap Battles. But it wasn’t long into this journey until Kakarot found the love for his true calling, Drum n’ Bass.

Since deciding that this is really what he wanted to do with his life, it was only a matter of time before he excelled at this, like he had every other challenge presented him in his life, (Kakarot is also a highly decorated Martial Artist as well). Once he put his mind to it, Kakarot has since been holding down the hosting duties of almost every DnB show in Atlanta for the past 5 years. The past three years have seen him become an absolute staple of the Atlanta scene. It’s almost a given that if there is Drum n Bass in town, Kakarot will be the guy running the show.

Demand for his out of town booking requests have skyrocketed in the past couple of years, and he is now being fast considered as one of the premiere stateside Drum n Bass MCs, nationwide. He has performed with almost everyone under the sun including the biggest powerhouse DJs and Producers in the genre. Names like Chase & Status, Goldie, Adam F, DJ Fresh, Ed Rush & Optical, Bailey, Dieselboy, Noisia, Technical Itch, Black Sun Empire, The Upbeats, Concord Dawn, Spor, Aphrodite, Micky Finn, Calibre, Dara, AK1200, and Xample, are all names that have played a set with Kakarot MC rhyming over them. Thats just naming a few. He has also become quite proficient at being the MC over some of the biggest Dubstep acts in the world as well. Kakarot has already taken the stage to rhyme over the likes of Rusko, Caspa, Plastician, DZ, and Stagga for starters. It wont be long now until those of you who have yet to hear of Kakarot MC, do so. He is on his path, and he is taking the world by storm.

This year alone, Kakarot MC has been asked to perform at the World Of Drum n Bass show at WMC in Miami. This is the first time this honor has been bestowed on any MC from Atlanta. He has also formed a partnership with fellow MC, Arion Lee, creating the group, TooPhaced. You can hear the first track released by TooPhaced, on the upcoming compilation charity album called “Inner Child”. Or you can see them in a city near you, very soon. It’s no doubt that when Kakarot MC is on the mic at your party, your party is in very very good hands indeed.


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