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"Love Songs" took off across the Internet. On Youtube, Twitter, and Spotify the infectious single saw millions of views, retweets, and streams. The young talent took her sudden viral moment of success and ran with it. Paige never expected, "Love Songs" to gain all of the traction that it did in late 2018. She credits Doja Cat as the inspiration behind the song, seeing "Love Songs" as a sequel to Doja's "No Police."

The song took on a life of its own on TikTok, with people lipsyncing and creating original choreography to the single. Paige told Genius she didn't even know what it was happening because she's not on the app herself. Still, she was excited to see people dancing and enjoying her music in a semi-unexpected way. Though she proclaims to not be a hopeless romantic, the singer's Spotify isn't overflowing with love songs yet, she allows feelings to guide her heart and her heart to guide her music.

Following "Love Songs" in 2019, Paige released two more singles "WYCA" and "Happy Song" to critical fanfare. Both were sensual ultra laidback tunes about loving others but also taking care of yourself. They are prime illustrations of Paige's authenticity shining through lyricism that blurs the line between spoken word and softly-cooed melody. She went on to amass even more fans when she broke the fourth wall with the second "Happy Song" video. Paige brought viewers behind the scenes, taking us into her world.

Now the rising star's unveiled her debut EP Parked Car Convos to the world. The concept project comes from the way Paige has started some of her most personal and favorite conversations with people. They all seem to happen in the car. With Parked Car Convos, Paige wanted to explore the idea of intimate conversations within close spaces. It's no wonder then that the project feels deeply private and personal. From Paige's woozy soulful production to her candid, affectionate lyricism, Paige's debut project feels like eavesdropping on something incredibly special.

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