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From the tender age of 16 Justin used to sneak off during class to mix in the change rooms with 2 discman's, This passion for music soon lead him to become one of the illest local underground & undera...ge party DJ's in the burra!!!

Being at the top he soon realised he needed more of a challenge! so with glow stick and discman in hand he moved to LUNDUNNN to join the other half of the South African population to further his career.
Whilst throwing down some bubbling beats hotter than piped chicken wings, he managed to land himself some crazy mad gigs, Rocking London and Ibiza with his trademark fusion of funky/electro and tech house sounds at some of the
largest/ best international clubs and playing alongside some of the biggest names in the industry!
Amongst all this party carnage he still managed to find time for studies, which included doing Electronic Music Production at the London School of Sound
Upon completion of his studies and achieving everything he could in London & Ibiza he decided to return to S.A. to study for his degree in Sound Engineering and bring some International flavour to our shores!
NOW back in South Africa he has slipped into the industry like he was covered in KYwith the ability to read a crowd like a near sighted dyslexic child, so if you feel like cutting up mad shapes then catch Justin slamming a D floor near YOU.