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“Premiere Las Vegas party rocker Justin Baulé first started spinning records in Minneapolis clubs and raves in 1998, back when calling yourself a DJ meant that you did much more than just press play and pump your fist.  He was one of the youngest and most celebrated DJs in that vibrant scene and a standout in now-retired but well-loved crew Emerald City,  a house music collective often charged to play peak sets at some of the Midwest's most memorable parties. The early 00's were a time when Cassius, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx were new and fresh, and an inspired Baulé spent hours at famed record shop Let It Be with fellow tastemakers, scouring the bins to build on his already impressive collection using cash he earned from his part time hustle at an Uptown tattoo shop. It was a fantastic era for club music and for Justin, but Minnesota couldn't contain this one and he left the state (and DJing, for a short while) to professionally snowboard out West. It wasn't until 2007 when Mr. Twin Cities moved to Sin City and it was like someone pressed fast-forward on his life.

"Before I knew it, I ended up in Vegas shooting club photos at Drai's Afterhours for only $200 a week and an open bar tab for me and my friends," Baulé remembers. "One month into it, music director Chris Garcia asked me if I could fill in and DJ, long story short, the gig turned into a residency."  Baulé was a Vegas favorite in no time with Vegas's hometowner scene, his name and face on flyers and bulletins around town and even on a billboard one Memorial Day, prompting "Is that really you?" texts from friends and fans.

Countless gigs across the country later and Baulé, with his infectious grin and impressive influences ranging from Otis Redding to Outkast and all points in between, finds himself not fading into Las Vegas's  brilliant tapestry but becoming one of its bright lights. It's a long haul from his days in the Midwest as a teenage house phenom in phat pants, but it's not only his proficiency behind the booth and dancefloor instincts that got him there. Baulé's beyond his years with his genuine nature and authentic attitude about a musical journey many try but abandon: "You've just got to be consistent in character, work hard, be humble and stay positive."  And, if you can do it all to your own beat -- preferrably a house one -- all the better. “ Jen Boyles, URB Magazine

Past Residencies:
The Quest Nightclub, Minneapolis, MN (00’-01)
Gold Lounge, Las Vegas, NV (‘10-’11)

Current Residencies:
Drai’s Afterhours, Las Vegas, NV (‘08-Present)
Artisan Hotel, Las Vegas, NV(‘10-Present)
Angel Music Group, Las Vegas, NV (‘11-Present)

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