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BassHead Music is a label from A-Sides and Juan BassHead. Based in Miami, Florida the label focuses on bass-heavy dancefloor music.

UK-based A-Sides has been a constant figure in the music scene for the past 15 years building his own imprint "Eastside Records". He continues to produce music for numerous other highly respected labels as well as holding down an international dj career with dates spanning the globe.

Simultaneously playing the roles of DJ, label owner, promoter, and venue owner, Miami-based Juan BassHead is a modern day musical renaissance man. His latest dj sets, his club nights, and his label encompass all kinds of bass-heavy party music. His events and his venue feature performances by many of the biggest names in the industry. He has been djing and promoting dance music for the last 8+ years.

We are always looking for new material for the label or to play out at gigs, so anyone interested please do not hesitate to contact us either here on myspace or you can find us on AIM instant messager - BASSHEADMUSIC

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the music...


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