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A name that’s been gaining increasing attention from the who’s who of theelectronic music community is dj and producer jozif. The born and bredLondon artist has worked his way to where he is today with typical (to anyonethat knows him) ‘jozif swagger’; passionate, determined and wildly talentdriven, jozif has been charming the pants off the international circuit with hisproductions and DJ sets alike.

With an underlying groove to his low slung rhythms, jozif has an infectious presence in and out of the booth; encapsulating his floor and coaxing themalongside his ever changing musical explorations. Craig Richards, Ben Watt,Matt Tolfrey, Andrew Weatherall, Paul Woolford and Ashley Beadle have allfallen hook line and sinker for his quirky and impossible to pigeon hole beats.Loose and lazy drum patterns, wiggly b-lines and dramatic strings are tingedwith slo-mo ambience and a rolling undercurrent of funk; depicting asoundtrack all of his own that not only resonates with our musical heartstrings but evokes the dirtiest bump and grit of a twisted 6am dance floor.Regular appearances at fabric, his residencies at London’s lo*kee and Ibiza’sWe Love...Space fall side by side with a packed gig schedule spanning the UKand Europe.

2010 was the defining year for jozif with releases on Wolf + Lamb and Vitalikgaining mass support alongside an end of year RA podcast mixed entirely ofhis own productions and edits. Its unique edge garnered such praise fromindustry and public alike that it goes down as one of the most talked aboutRA podcasts to date. 2010 also saw the launch of Fist of Finger; jozif’slimited edition vinyl only label with fabric musical director and long timebuddy Craig Richards. Featuring jozif's dance floor A-side’s and Craig'sexperimental reinterpretations on the flip, their debut release 'Beats In Space'was an instant sell out, their second cut ‘Brick Jane’ following suit and theimminent ‘Room 3’ looking set to do the same. The year was rounded off byMixmag naming jozif in their Top 5 Breakthrough DJs of 2010.

2011 has only cemented things for jozif with his ‘Sunrise’ EP on InFinéspanning a plethora of musical influences and a slew of remixes and re-worksfor artists and labels from Compost, Mobilee and Suol, to Shonky, Rui Da Silvaand Til von Sein; all securing jozif’s spot as a in-demand and talentedremixer. The summer saw the establishment of jozif in Ibiza with his WeLove... residency and mix/compilation CD, while 2011 is rounded off by avocal project with Roc-A-Fella signed r&b and soul singer/songwriter TerriWalker on More Music, entitled “Twilight”.

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