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Born in Montreal in 1979,Jonas Tomalty has long been firmly rooted in Quebec's music scene. The young rocker, thought from his dad's blues melodies and his mother’s vinyl collection throughout childhood, has been singing since he was three. After traveling with a choir during his childhood years, he founded an alternative rock band, Rubberman, with which he won the 1999 edition of L'Esprit, a music contest organized by Montreal’s premiere rock station CHOM FM.Jonas' fabulous musical talent has enabled him to evolve on stage and in bars with the ease of an old pro since he was only 15.

His progress has been more than fulfilling: along with his rock career, he has been performing with Jonas and The Blues Blooded. He has worked on the blues scene with The Blues Blooded since 1998 and performed at numerous events. His charisma and tremendous stage energy earned him bookings as opening performer for famous blues bands such as Sass Jordan, The Jeff Healey Band, Robin Ford and the Holmes Brothers. Jonas has also opened for acts such as The Tea Party, Econoline Crush, Treble Charger, the 2X Edge Fest and Summer Sault. These outstanding experiences drove him to master his art at a young age.

Few dominate a stage like Jonas and his boys do! His driving vocals and heavy stage presence brought him to the 1999 edition of the Montreal International Jazz Fest (Festival International de Jazz de Montréal) where he gave an astonishing performance in front of a delirious audience. In 2001, he was once again acclaimed for his powerful magnetism when he returned to the Jazz Festival on the outdoor Labatt Blues stage. Since then, the ranks of his fans have swelled as he has delivered electrifying performances at all the main venues. He blew away the crowds at the Edge Fest and at the opening of the Grey Cup Week-End Events and gave sizzling hot shows at the Fringe Fest as well as Metropolis.

After flirting for years with blues and rock, Jonas has charmed the entire music industry: in Fall 2003, he won the LYS Blues Award (Québec Blues Association) for best new artist.At last! Jonas' first solo album on the DKDD label is currently in progress and will be released everywhere in spring 2004. Produced by Dale Panner (famous for his powerful work with Nickelback and Holy McNarland), the album includes songs written by many prestigious and successful collaborators such as Desmond Child, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

To do justice to the work of all these great artists as well as to Jona’s and Diabo’s own creations, the young writer-composer is accompanied by a trio of excellent musicians: long-time partner virtuoso guitar player Corey Diabo, of course, super talented base player Dominique Romanelli and internationally renowned drummer Ange E. Curcio, who has also played with Jon Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova, Corey Hart, Garou, Eric Lapointe and many others.Jonas has the soul and substance of giants. His voice, ripe and deep, mastered with infinite precision, and seduces the ear with its raging yet suave tones. But the artist’s strength remains his unique musical instinct that lets him reach the senses as well as the soul.Jonas has found his path, and it’s a path worth witnessing!