John Lagora


John Lagora alias "Tim Wucherpfennig" was born in1981 in Oberhausen (Ruhr-Area). Thanks to his older brother, he got infected byelectronic music in the age of 11. Listening to old BFBs-based mix tapes of"Steve Mason" was getting his favourite activity. The fast discoveryof the darker & harder side of electronic music resulted in starting lovinghardcore and rave tunes. With the longlasting consumption of the electronicdrug,the beats became slower,softer and more experimental for him.

In 1995 he got in possesion of the music software"magix musicmaker 1.0",which animates him to do early attempts atwalking in the world of music. But very quick he was bored by premade samplecollections and looked for new ways,his solution was like that: "I needsynthies!" So he went for it and the program "Fruity Loops"(today known as "FL Studio") put things right for John. After a fewyears dealing with the new software,he started to do his first own stuff. Theseearly steps resulted in his first releases on respected and well-knownnetlabels,like alquimia,rumpfunk records and zimmer in the year 2006. Johnreceived his first positive resonances on these releases from all over theworld. Releasing on Netlabels persisted for 1 year,he wanted to go that way andgot encouraged by criticisms. In the time of new media-technology,digitalplatforms like "Beatport & Juno" gave him the chance to releasemusic on a way more seriously and professionally. First releasesappeared,caught on and gave him that kind of feedback,he needed to go on withwhat he..s in love: making music!

In 2008 John couldrealise the ne plus ultra of every electronic music producer: releasing on theblack beauty,the vinyl record!!! His primary dream of doing music was overtakenand he had the ability to play his own records on gigs.

In 2011 he has released Ep's on Labels like Mindshake Records by Paco Osuna orSci+Tec Digital Audio by Dubfire.


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