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Serendipity can really be the start of some beautiful things… For John Debo, his first UK tour in 1992 (albeit a couch tour) developed into much more. Crashing on the couch of one Dave Seaman, one half of Brothers in Rhythm and A&R Director for the then highly profiled Stress Records, John sat back and enjoyed the latest tunes from Dave and his label. As John happened to have a cassette of his new production work, he left it with Dave to enjoy. Days later John was offered a record deal for his Mindwarp project on Stress.

Not a bad way to break into the somewhat mafia-esque world of the UK dominated world of progressive tunes - not at all. This rapid acceptance reflects the pattern that John has brought to his work as a DJ, promoter and producer. His vision boils down to something fairly simple – music.

Founding two of Boston’s pioneering club nights – Chrome & Avaland were conceived as conduits to bring forward thinking DJs and upfront dance music from around the world to Boston. His vision is global - not provincial. Chrome quickly garnered a reputation of being one of THE club nights in the US and Avaland was selected by Mixer Magazine as the #1 club in America for 2002.

Of course, what is most important to this DJ is the music. He cringes at the common practice of genre based labeling of music. His musical focus, as John likes to put it, is on quality tunes – tunes which withstand the test of time.

The spell he casts over dance floors has been felt worldwide with seminal gigs at Avalon in Boston, New York & LA, The Church in Denver, Spundae in San Francisco & Chicago, Space in Miami, Aria & Stereo in Montreal, Koolhaus in Toronto as well as Bedrock & Renaissance in the UK and Space in Ibiza, just to name a few. His sound has been captured on two mix CDs: Chrome 01 on Bliss and Logic Trance 5 on Logic 3000.

Given the success of his debut material on Stress, it should be no surprise that Debo has found a home for his other work. His remix work and original production has been featured on highly respected labels like Bedrock and Yoshitoshi. He has managed to bring his signature touch to a vast array or quirky tunes. Highlights include work for an eclectic range of artists from cutting edge 80’s bands Modern English and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, to pioneering 90’s bands Blur and The Charlatans UK as well as groundbreaking artists Everything But The Girl.

2004 sees John leaving frigid Boston for sunny Orlando Florida to focus on his true passion – the music. The move allows him to fully explore his artistic mind and immerse himself in writing and production. The future for John has never been more clear – become a breathing component to his studio and share his music with the world.

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