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Dazzled by awe and bewilderment, Joe Gallagher Jr. was quickly captured by the sounds of his uncle and friends as they jammed out in his grandmother’s old living room. That started a fire within and at the age of 17 Joe picked up his first guitar, dreaming that someday he would be good enough to jam along with his uncle.

Joe Gallagher Jr. was just a kid with a somewhat childish dream but that childish dream and emulation got serious real quick and he dove in head first. This is when his dream changed, deciding that just good enough was not “GOOD ENOUGH”. He decided that he wanted his name next to the legendary songwriters of our past. Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain are to name a few whose music helped Joe find his own unique sound.

It’s been a constant struggle along the way but an undying passion for music IS Joe Gallagher Jr.’s identity and he states , “I believe music chose me, to carry a message from this small town in Connecticut, all the way across the globe!”

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