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In her short eight years of DJing, Jessica has garnered respect not only from her fellow DJs, but club owners and celebrities alike for her extensive musical knowledge and commitment to her skill set.

As an only child with a vibrant imagination, Jessica spent hours alone listening to her parents rock and disco records on repeat. All of her earliest childhood memories are highlighted by the songs that were playing at the time. Her love for music and obsessive thirst for learning led to an encyclopedic knowledge of facts regarding the history of music, the lives of the artists and the structure of the songs themselves.

By the time Jessica was in middle school, she had her sights set on rock stardom, and recieved an electric guitar for her 13th birthday. By high school it became apparent she had neither the necessary long fingers, nor required patiece to be the next great guitarist. When Jessica was seventeen, she struck up a friendship based on shared musical knowledge with the DJ at a local party. He eventually suggested that she should learn how to DJ since she had such a solid musical foundation for being so young. Apprehensively, Jessica learned the basic technical skills required to take the first steps to her future DJ career. She credits the experience as her biggest 'A-ha!' moment, "That first few minutes, I thohugh 'oh my god, this is what I'm supposed to be doing.'"

She showed such a natural propensity for crowd reading and a contiguous set list, that the promoter suggested she practice and return the next week. With having a gig before any actual skil, Jessica used all of her saved money to buy equipment and dove in 150%, committed to learning the right way, and not faking it.

That commitment to learning has never wavered, and now shines through in every set that Jessica plays. She has been honored to work with prestigious clubs, brands nad celebrities such as LIV, Wall, The Florida Room, Soho House, Coco Deville, Louis, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, MTV, Dove Alize, Covergirl, American Express, Katy Perry, Kelis and Queen Latifah. Jessica has created such a signature sound that clients hire her with the specific instruction of playing 'open format, Jessica Who style.' That deep understanding of every track that she plays, extensive knowledge of genres and adaptability to any crowd is what makes her such a success in her work.