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The last year has been Farley's most exciting andsuccessful of all.

After returning last Spring from a successful gig at theclub voted more than any others as the Best Nightclub at the Winter MusicConference, Cielo in NYC, he immediately returned to his most prolific studiowork to date.

He was commissioned to produce an ALL-DANCE album byLatin paparazzi-magnet Ricardo Fort, a difficult challenge since many of theoriginal songs were Latin boleros, but the result is spectacular.

Farley additionally released an album of many of his 2011Remix Productions called IN THE REMIX Volume 1 in October 2012. Volume 2 isslated for late summer 2012 release.

Besides a slew of remixes and seeing Farley trulyembracing a globally loved sound made popular by his colleagues and friendsDavid Guetta and Avicii, Farley put his own spin on this sound with hisdistinct NYC/USA flair. Farley has always loved developing new artists, and oneexample of his success has been with 16 year old Jennifer Ashley whom Farleyproduced and whose own company took all the way to UK pop radio.

Farley's Continuous Cool label continues to releasehigher and higher profile songs and develops artists, having added to itsroster the best-selling dance act of all time, C&C MUSIC FACTORY, now adivision of Continuous Cool ("Everybody Dance Now"). Farleystrategized the revitalization of the act, found new young talent like ScarlettSantana ("Rain" was the #8 pop song in UK via Farley's promocompany), and is very excited about new USA-European collaborations under theC&C Music Factory moniker and its forthcoming releases such as Jesse Garcia& Robert Clivilles (Clivilles & Garcia) - "Set Me Free" -radio bound in the USA and UK. Farley's mix leads the pack, with its trademarkcommercial yet trendy underground sound balanced to excellent effect.

Farley has in total produced or remixed 35 musiccompositions in the last year.

Jerome is most excited for having been commissioned towrite and produce three songs for Jennifer Lopez' forthcoming album. The demosare delivered and recording date is pending, release planned for this fall."El Ritmo" is especially good!

However, to see Farley truly at his best and happiest,you'll find him in the DJ booth in Barcelona and coming soon, in Ibiza where hehas developed a new party called "Esenzia" with artistic directorRafi Mercado (Sound Factory, NYC) / House of Mercado Entertainment. He isperforming in NYC on Gay Pride Sunday for his 40th Birthday (VIP/tables soldout) on June 24th, immediately followed by his debut in Buenos Aires.

In the dj booth, Farley is a technical wizard and amaster of upbeat rhythmic music that is at once crowd-pleasing and edgy. Hisaccess to the newest, greatest music that leaves a crowd in awe is unmatched,and his prowess in the booth is a spectacle in itself.

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