Jeff Button Electronic, House


Jeff's obsession with music started out at an early age. Hisfather, who was lead guitar in his high school band growing up had an extensiverecord collection the Jeff would go through religiously. His mother, startedhim out in piano (against his wishes) but it proved to be valuable in the yearsto come.

In high school, Jeff's love affair grew deepest with Hip-Hop and Electronica. Artists like A Tribe CalledQuest, The Roots, Kruder & Dorfmeister and DJ Shadow, introduced him to aeclectic range of music that was unique and diverse at the same time.

Fast forward to 2007, where Jeff went from raver/promoter, to DJ. Thetransition was seamless, and the talent, quite evident. He landed covetedresidencies at the Sunset Sessions with Art Department's Jonny White and KennyGlasgow, followed by EXPOSED where he was the go-to opening act for themajority of the biggest parties.

In 2012, he played at the massive BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, alongsidethe Culprit duo "Climbers". He is now The Modern Love Affair ResidentDJ, and has set the table for some of the biggest names in house music today,including Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Art Department, and Soul Clap just to name afew.

Jeff has been touted by many as "Toronto's Best Opening DJ", butdon't let the title fool you - he brings the goods every time he steps up tothe decks, and has carved out a unique sound that has people coming out just tosee what he’ll do next.


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