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Jean Nipon


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Jean Nipon is an enigma to say the least. The mystery that surrounds him is hardly surprising, however, considering his origins are so uncertain. There are many theories as to where he came from but the most commonly held belief is that he emerged from amongst the bracken in Western France clutching nothing but a Pink Floyd record.

Jean Nipon started out as a drummer in Hardcore bands and got into DJing circa 97. At first it was a cheap ploy to get more in touch with his fellow humans (read: get girls). Then it became something of an art form, and many a reveler remembers his seven-hour sets at Paris Paris where, as a resident, he would play the latest bangers in custom- edited form, plus Prince, Minor Threat, Aphex Twin and the Beastie Boys, Dinosaur Jr and Lio, Pink Floyd and Shellac, My Bloody Valentine and KRS One. What he does with those CD decks... Nobody can touch him. We’ve also seen him funcrush a couple of yuppie parties that didn’t deserve to dance: he’s a man of principles. Let’s rewind it back: hardcore drummer, DJ, designer, lives in Japan for a year, designs a Coke bottle, sells records for two years in Paris at Katapult where he meets DJ Wet with whom he starts I.Y.M. (a 12” on Wwwilco) and Teamtendo. Teamtendo was a duo of giant plushies who played 8-bit-gabber- electro on tricked-out Gameboys (a 12” through Institubes and one via Deco). Does some remixes for TTC, Ark, Micronauts, Cosmo Vitelli, Lesbians On Ecstasy, Adam Kesher, David Rubato. Directed three volumes of the DJ-oriented "Eurogirls" vinyl project for Arcade Mode with Orgasmic. In 2004 Jean Nipon assumed the alias that he continues to go under today. Having released on karat, Midnight Munchies, and Silverback records and remixes on citizen or Discobelle, the enigmatic man is due to release his deput EP for ClekClekBoom on the 15th of December. This 3 track ep full of bass and shaking post house vibes will be both unique and deadly, you can count on this man for that.