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Fri May 27 · 12 pm
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Sat May 28 · 12 pm
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Sun May 29 · 12 pm
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Mon May 30 · 12 pm
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Jayda G is a Canadian music producer and DJ that moves back and forth from Vancouver to Berlin. She produced her first release under the Australian label, Butter Sessions, and now Jayda G has started a new record label project called Freakout Cult. The label is co-produced with Sex Tags Mania co-founder, DJ Fett Burger. The inspiration for forming their own label came from the Freakout Cult club night that Jayda G and DJ Fett Burger hosted in Vancouver. Since forming the label, Jayda G released a collaborative record called NYC Party Track in September of 2015 and released her first solo EP titled Jaydaisms in February 2016. For bookings, contact Ben Start at

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