Jay London


Here's that young Jedi Jay London, a not-so-new-kid-on-the-block making waves again at international festivals in North America and Europe.
Some say he's half white half black (hence the Hip-Hop background mixed with his lava-hot Deep House) and that his Nike shoes that help him levitate above crowds between sets are made of quartz.
A graduate of Digital Recording Arts, and resident DJ at VelvetSpeakeasy and world renowned Circus Afterhours (#19 DJ Mag) the young sound master released his "Master Plan" track recently, enjoying a warm reception and good reviews. Between playing at Igloofest in February 2013 and the upcoming Piknic √Člectronik festival in Montreal in the summer, Jay London spends his time producing more sophisticated vibes in his deep cave in the mountains of Carpathia with no other company than a bunch of psychedelic bats hanging upside down from the ceiling.


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