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Jay Dot Rain


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Jay Dot Rain is creating a paramount sound with a “Southern aesthetic that feels broad enough for coastal cats to vibe along too” Deep-rooted in the Heart of Dixie, Jay Dot Rain was influenced by the upbeat trap raps flooding out of Georgia from the east; the trill, syrup dripping’ beats from Texas on the west, and the southern fried country rap tunes bumping out of Mississippi, and of course the laid-back pimpin' so prevalent in the music streaming out of Louisiana. With the collective influences of such classic Southern sounds it is without surprise that Jay Dot Rain is creating the new sound of Alabama.

After the staggering nods of support and encouragement; Jay Dot Rain united with his hometown pack of creatives and formed KIPSET, consisting of him, his fellow MC’S Wynt Earley and Bo Latham, the team’s producer DJ Houndstooth, and brand manager THE PRBLM$.

Only six months into the new year, Jay Dot Rain has traveled to New York for a second interview with Baller's Eve and to perform at The Flat in Brooklyn for Mass Appeal's Chocolate Sundays. Jay Dot has also released "The CooleyFLY Chronicles Vol. 2". He again linked up with The Block Beattaz for full production of the second-coming of CooleyFLY. CFC2 is currently pushing 30,000 + views on soundcloud.com and has collected exceptional reviews from MishkaNYC, Dirty Glove Bastard and The Source.

But WHO is Jay Dot Rain? If you were to ask him his answer would be simple, “I am the South”. His Alabama roots are transparent in his mellow southern flow atop beats buried in heavy bass and classic soul. Jay Dot Rain and his KIPSET brethren who share his passion of self-expression accompany him in his realm of creation as they manifest the lives they envisioned.