Jay Daniel


Jay Daniel is a young Detroit DJ on the rise, and undoubtedly a name that will be heard often in the next couple years. Jay's mother, singer & songwriter Naomi Daniel, is the voice behind Planet-E classics "Stars" & "Feel the Fire" which were released in the early 90's.

Jay Daniel is one of the brightest emerging stars in the latest generation of Detroit electronic music artists. He is also a part of the legacy of the motor city sound with a mother, namely Naomi Daniel, who is the voice behind Planet-E classics' "Stars" and "Feel the Fire," both of which were produced by Carl Craig & released in the early 90's.

He holds a residency with his friend and musical guide, Kyle Hall in Detroit and has been steadily building his profile since his acclaimed debut at Movement Festival Detroit in 2012. Boiler Room called him "one of the most exciting new discoveries we made in Detroit. Jay Daniel is officially our new favorite DJ. Incredible talent", a prediction that is more than clearly holding true. Since then Jay has been working hard on developing his productions and is set to have his first release on Theo Parrish' Sound Signature in September 2013. He will round out the year with a release on Kyle Hall's Wild Oats label.


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