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Jackal & Hyde


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Jackal & Hyde have been called "the purveyors of the hardcore-electro sound" (Electro-core), a combination of industrial laden electro beats and psychotic keys. Jackal & Hyde was formed in 1998 by partners Scott Weiser, and Todd Walker in an effort to combine a harder edge sound with the dance floor sensibility of Electro/Industrial and Techno. Besides their original work, Jackal & Hyde's sound has been requested for multiple remix productions including No Doubt, Love & Rockets, Kid Rock and Genitorturers among others.

Together, Jackal & Hyde have had a string of successful records out on Hallucination Recordings owned by techno gurus, Rabbit in The Moon. Their songs have been licensed by many of the top DJ's in the World for a wide array of compilations by the likes of West Bam, Andrew Weatherall, Taylor, and 'Hero of Hard-core' Omar Santana to name a few. Their new album (due out spring 2008) has been 3 years in the making and includes some of the hardest electronic music ever made. Four years ago, Morbid Angel front man and guitarist David Vincent befriended Jackal & Hyde after hearing their work and has played on a few tracks on the new album. Moreover, Gen, lead vocalist of the legendary Genitorturers also appears on 4 songs on the album. Jackal & Hydes shows are known for cutting edge, in your face music and unbelievable visuals by Hallucination on film. They have had just about every World Renown Electro/Techno/Industrial/Break Beat/Hard House DJ open for them, and have Co-headlined with a wide variety of bands from BT, Genitorturers and Kottonmouth Kings to Prodigy, Tech N9NE and Rabbit in the Moon at venues all throughout the U.S. and abroad.


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