Jack Lafleur


To have been named Jack couldn't have been more appropriate or fortuitous, as I am a "Jack of all trades" and, without question, a master of none! I have lived my life day by day and never settled for anything. My parents worried about me for quite some time because I just couldn't stick with one thing. Ahh the joys of A.D.D.!

I have followed a path without the knowledge of where it leads and I still, to this day, don't know where it goes. But, while I'm on it, I will continue to enjoy the variety and spice of life. I have been in the nightclub business since October of 2002 when I started as a doorman with no idea what the nightclub world was all about. I learned a great deal from my first job and within 4 months I was recruited to open up a club at the Paris Hotel where I was for 8 months. It was a tumultuous 8 months, but, again, I kept my eyes open and kept learning.

It was early 2004 when I received a call to head up a little pool party for the Hard Rock called "Rehab." That is when my career took off.

Since the start of Rehab, I have been a part of creating and maintaining some of the most loyally attended weekly parties in Las Vegas. Fusion Thursdays at Tabu, Worship Thursdays at Tao and Body English Sundays.

Add to the mix my undying passion for house music and I've got another career on my hands: DJing. Every Sunday night I spin to a wonderful and beautiful crowd of locals and first timers alike inside the Parlor @ Body English.


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