Hailing proudly from the Suburbs of New Jersey, J-Mello is unlike any artist out now. His unique songs and lyrics demonstrate "the flipside of the suburbs" where growing up privileged - born into music royalty and money - is not all it's cracked up to be. J-Mello is the second son of the late Charles Smith, co-founder of the group Kool and the Gang. But life wasn't all rosy.

Somewhere between hip hop and pop music, J-Mello brings you beyond the typical topics of hard streets, women, and party anthems. J-Mello explains, "Everyone thinks it's all 'Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks' - that everything is always fine when you live in the suburbs and come from money. I had to deal with so many struggles that make me who I am today". Added pressure came from dealing with an identity crisis of being the only black kid in the neighborhood, "I felt pressure from my neighborhood to act white, felt peer pressure from friends in urban communities to "act black", he says.

Using music as an escape, J-Mello brings songs and lyrics that paint a clear picture and take you on a journey. And all the struggle and strife has finally paid off. J-Mello has been rocking stages across the country, touring with music legends DJ Skribble and Dave Navarro. The two are featured on Mello’s new singles “Underdog” and “Swipe Swipe.” Mello’s slick flow coupled with Navarro’s thrashing guitar, and Skribble’s turntable skills bring a new dimension to this suburban kid’s already innovative take on the world.


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