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Born in Dallas, Tx, Quincy came up surrounded by drug dealing, gang banging and a lot more of the common things in the urban community. He kept his focus on school and playing sports because he figured he'd either play professional football or basketball. Singing was something he did that no one knew about really, he was known more for his dancing ability throughout his neighborhood. But it wasn't until the age of 12 when he entered a talent show at a local recreation center, where he got his first opportunity to show what he could really do. As a result that sparked many talent competitions and showcases where Quincy came out on top, best known not only for his singing and dancing but his ability to put on a show. He credits many artists and dancers such as Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, R.Kelly, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Ginuwine, Dave Scott, Roland"RoRo"Tabor, Wade Robson and many many more. Quincy also is a talented songwriter influenced by such writers as Sean Garrett, Bryan Michael Cox, Tank, Rod Temperton, Diane Warren, and Babyface to name a few. Wanting to write those songs that changed peoples lives or to take their minds off the things they were going through Quincy studied his craft, influences,and the experiences of life. The focus and determination he had lead him many places including just recently opening up for superstar singer Miguel, and now Quincy is ready to make his mark on the world he says,"When I was younger I would always say everyone else gets to live there dreamWell Im going to live mine too".

In an era where Hip Hop has overshadowed R&B as mainstream music, Quincy has reinforced his credentials as " the R in R&B" He speaks candidly about the state of that venerable music culture and his role as a keeper of the flame in the upcoming years.

itzQuincy delivers an authentic, polished soul sound. From a young age, Quincy has been putting the "R" and "B" in rhythm and blues.

"I'm truly blessed to work with such a gift and work with dedicated musicians and producers"


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