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IOAKIM SAYZ […] is a Berlin-based DJ and producer with German, French and Hungarian origins. His style of music comprises Techno as well as Tech- and Deephouse elements.

Be it as a DJ or as a producer, IOAKIM SAYZ plants his tracks in the ears of every music enthusiast with a penchant for electronic music. As for the diversity of his music, it is almost limitless but always chosen carefully to inspire and thrill his audience.

Creativity through intuition, authenticity through down-to-earth beliefs, and effectiveness through quality are his maxims that run like a leitmotif through his productions as well as his DJ sets; Labels such as Get Physical, CusCus and Monkeeplatez are just the first to notice IOAKIM's potential. Expect a lot more to come in the future...

Backstage IOAKIM SAYZ is cautious and considerate, however, he is striving and consumed when performing music. He has a knack for choosing the right tune at the right time and loves to interact with the crowd as an expression of his passion for music and people.

Thus it is essential to experience him live to get a glimpse of this conglomeration of attitude and music, which - connected with IOAKIM SAYZ’ physical presence behind the decks - results in an explosive mixture, that should drive the groove with full force into the hips of every last listener. So, mouth shut, ears open, and down into happiness

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