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Ian Sweetness


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Ian Sweetness is one of Reggae Music current honey flavored singers. The cool crooner has just released one of, if not, the sweetest rendition of the classic song “Little Green Apple”. On this new version, Ian skillfully balances R&B/HipHop with Lovers Reggae groove. The result is a fusion of reggae, with a wide cross over appeal that vividly displays the talent and artistry of Ian Sweetness. Born gifted, with music in his soul, Ian attended Sunday school and sang in his choir. Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica his mother and father were always singing around the house. Ian’s first recording was at the age of twenty with an unknown producer and was it was never released. In 1985, in Montego Bay, JAH Life studios first recorded Ian Sweetness version of “I Hold You”. Later on he toured England, promoting that song along with “Show A Little Kindness” and “First Real Love”. He was managed by Penthouse for three years and recorded on Bobby Digital Label and other labels in Jamaica. “Show a Little Kindness” did very well Internationally. He was the first House Artist for Arrows Recording Studio along with singer Stone Wall Jackson. Ian voiced for a few producers and labels that never got off the ground, over time these producers died, went broke, or had other downfalls. Ian refused to allow these set backs to hold him down, due to his passion for music. His resilience is admirable. This gifted, velvet voiced singer re-recorded “I Hold You” in Japan for release in Japan. In 1990 the death of his mother and then shortly after, his father, impacted him so greatly and deeply he took a five-year hiatus from the music scene. Once again Ian met the challenges of life and continued to overcome life’s obstacles. In 1995 Ian arrived in the United States and began recording for Don One studios and JAH life record label. In 1999, he moved to Miami where he recorded “Little Green Apple”, which was written by O.C. Smith and produced by T. Dread, it soon became Number one around the world. Ian always speaks respectfully and lovingly about the other artists in the reggae music industry. Ian has managed to overcome impossible odds. He is a great admirer of Bob Marley and was inspired by the late great Prince of Reggae in Jamaica, Mr. Dennis Brown. Ian is one of the original singers of Smooth Reggae Grooves and he sings for lovers. His versatility allows him to be an extraordinary actor as well. He is one of the most talented and unrecognized artists of the time.


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