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The dictionary states that the definition of the word “Fate” is: “that which is inevitably pre-determined; Destiny.” Although many meet their true fate later in life, few are blessed to have it staring back at them in the form of a record.

And less than few are quite as rare as Dee Jay HYPHY CRUNK aka Mark Rodriguez, who at the ripe age of 12 had his fate laying right on the tips of his fingers.

Mark comes from an era where the disk jockey lugged equipment and several crates to every gig with them. After brainstorming with the home owner, and without thought, Mark suddenly said, “I know how to DJ. I can do it.”

Frank and the promoter immediately shot down the idea, but quickly changed their minds after watching him walk over to the equipment and strangely, begin to play music.

A nervous, 12 year old Mark worked the crowd (as much as a novice could) for the next six hours without any break. As he left, he got a handful of cash and an enthusiastic, “We’ll call you for the next party.”

They flourished in a time where the music led people and told stories of life on the streets .

He was 12 when his parents told his older brother Frank that he couldn’t attend a party in a small Los Angeles city called Lynwood, unless Mark Rodriguez (later known as “Hyphy Crunk”) went with him.

After arriving at the party, the owner of the house revealed that the DJ hired to scratch at the party was in a car accident on his way back to the party, but had left his records and his equipment.

Mark made $500 that evening, and it wasn’t more than an hour before he stood before his father and asked him to invest in a new business idea with 6 simple words: “I want to be a DJ.”

It was all up-hill from there. His father helped him purchase his first Gemini Belt Drive Turntables and a 6 channel Pioneer Mixer.

It was cheap, but it worked and it worked for Mark six hours a day for seven days a week for the next couple of years.

By the age of 14, Mark’s older brother Frank had become a party promoter and begun to book Mark for nearly every party he hosted.


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