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Henry Strange


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A son of a biologist, Henry Strange spent much of his youth in his father’s laboratory counting fish eggs. Following his father’s footsteps, he was destined to become a breakthrough neuroscientist. But much like his father who was also a painter, Henry had a creative side, a love for music. He performed classical guitar and drums in rock bands for many years from youth throughout college. Soon, he became weary of running animal mazes and dissecting bird brains and the un-evolving sound of rock music. That was when both worlds, art and science came together for him at SYCOM, the electronic music laboratory of his college.

Henry spent sleepless nights in the studio with old modular synthesizers studying the science of sound and synthesis. There he found his love for the avant-garde, which gave him a new focus, to compose music with an experimental edge. He continued to produce several albums, and a series of experimental concerts, surround sound and visual installations. Henry eventually started Pure Tone Productions, a production company devoted to the research of sound and the production of modern music.

Henry adapted his experimental sound to commercial projects, scoring independent films, writing for television, producing for other artists, remixing, and creating sound design. Henry worked on a remix of "One More Chance" for Michael Jackson, wrote the theme song for a science television show "Beyond Science". Henry worked on films like Wes Craven’s "Cursed" and "Red Eye" and Jerry Bruckheimer’s television drama "Cold Case". More recently, he has moved into the live concert world and worked on music and production of live shows for acts including Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Drake and Mike Posner.

Henry continues his quest as an performing artist, using live processing and live arranging a blend of electro/hip hop and experimental textures. Henry is known for using a Wii controller in the form of a gun to dice and filter the music in his live show as well as cutting and effecting a Theremin. Henry has performed live at renowned festivals such as Coachella, Love Fest SF, and Electric Daisy Carnival. Henry has performed with artists including Rabbit in the Moon, Dub Kirtan All-Stars. Henry is currently the DJ for the international pop star, Mike Posner.