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Well established as a DJ for over thirteen years, Heist started producing tracks Ten years ago. In that time, the roster of labels showcasing his beats reads very much like a who’s who of quality Drum & Bass; Metalheadz, Full Cycle, Ganja, Digital Sound Boy, Creative Source, Integral, Play Musik and Grid together with his own imprint Co-Lab to name but a few. Never slacking on his quality control, Heist’s incredibly adaptable production style has seen his tunes find themselves into a variety of big name’s DJ boxes across the scene, together with the compliment of becoming the next in line to engineer Goldie’s productions. Expertly balancing a long line of ambitious production projects with his first love of DJing, Heist continues to play out across the UK and Europe to an ever-increasing fan base.

In a welcome diversion from the antisocial Drum & Bass stereotype, Heist has also recently come into his own as a personality in the music owing to a volume of media coverage pushing him into the public consciousness. An appearance in Drum & Bass literary Mecca Knowledge Magazine providing invaluable knowledge for their ‘Studio Tips’ section was followed by demand for his DJ work at competing publication ATM, laying down a mix with award-winning MC Funsta. Further publicity has seen him interviewed for Drum & Bass Arena TV from his very own studio, alongside appearances on Ministry Of Sound and BBC 1Xtra where he held his own alongside superstars Bryan G and Bailey. With continual support from industry heavyweights including Fabio, Grooverider, Hype, Original Sin, Ray Keith, Goldie, Bailey, Hazard and plenty more, Heist’s spot in the limelight has been deservedly cemented in recent years.

Recently Heist has been raising the bar with a number of exciting collaborations and re-workings, ever conscious of a desire to improve his own already formidable skills. These include a remix alongside Goldie for legendary Stone Roses front man Ian Brown, turning track ‘Illegal Attacks’ into a sexy Drum & Bass opus that fully retains the original’s vibe. Further work alongside Goldie has seen him engineer hugely well-received LP Malice in Wonderland for the Metalheadz boss together with anthem ‘Is This Real’, the success of which has seen them return to the studio to work on follow-up LP Memoires Of An Afterlife. Meanwhile, Heist has announced plans for new labels Sumo Beats and Calypso in order to accommodate the ever-increasing volume of solo work; future plans alongside producers like Lomax, Taxman and Original Sin lurk in the pipeline together with releases on Propaganda and Frontline, keeping the vinyl-buying public on their toes with an impressively expansive repertoire of production credits. All in all, it’s a good time to be Heist.