Heidi grewup in Windsor Ontario in Canada, which is just across the border from DetroitMichigan. Coming from a family of music lovers, the house was always filledwith a variety of classic rock, blues and folk throughout her childhood.Originally an indie kid, she started travelling to gigs in Detroit as soon asshe could. The music scenes of the Motor City and Chicago left a deepimpression on Heidi and her record collection. Influenced by her electronicproducing friends in Windsor, gradually developed a love for techno and housemusic. Moving to England for a year in 1997 her eyes were opened even wider tothe joys of underground dance music.

She moved to London permanently in 2000 to immerse herself in the music scene,clubbing every weekend and hanging out in record shops. In 2002 Heidi got a jobworking at the now defunct Koobla Records, and in 2003 was part of the teamthat opened up London's foremost record shop, Phonica. Through her work shegained invaluable experience of the scene and underground culture. herexcellent Dj and artist contacts soon led her from vinyl fanatic to budding DJ.She'd been putting together sets for many of the countries top djs, soit was a natural progression for her.

In 2004 she met Patrick Bodmer and Phillip Jung otherwise know as the germanelectronic duo M.A.N.D.Y. They became great friends and it soon lead to gigstogether in Berlin where it really started to take off for her. In 2005 Heidistarted playing all over Europe and Russia with regular visits to Italy, Spain,France and Germany where she plays regularly in Berlin at the Panorama bar andWatergate club and at The Monza club in Frankfurt and Ibiza where she alsoholds a residency. She also became a regular at Fabric, London's leadingunderground dance club. In 2006 Heidi did her first release "Vejer"on Get Physical which was a track with her partner Riton. It was an exclusiveto go on the mixed compilation CD for Monza Ibiza that she also did. Itreceived rave reviews. She was building her skills and gaining experience for2007 which was her busiest year to date.

This was the year that really shaped Heidi as a DJ. She was playing all overthe world and in a different country every weekend. She rocked in Miami at theWMC and then it was the 5 years of Get Physical european tour which saw herplaying alongside Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y, DJ T. and the rest of the gang. Aswell as releasing another track with riton "To The Gum". A slice offilthy Chicago influenced house for the compilation which accompanied the tour.Then it was off to Detroit where she played her home coming gig in the Beatporttent at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. It was a real triumph for herbeing able to return home and play in front of her family and the people thatshe looked up to and admired when she was a teenager living in Windsor.Dreaming of one day being able to play in Detroit. Heidi also did her firstnorth american tour which saw her rockin dancefloors from New York to LosAngeles to Vancouver. The summer was full of exciting times as well. Sheslammed the Loft club at Sonar in Barcelona and drove the kids to insanity atMonza In Ibiza. Then in the autumn she embarked on her first australian tourwhich saw her showing her skills and bringing her sound and excitement to Perth,Brisbane, Sydney and meeting up with M.A.N.D.Y in Melbourne to play a gig thatwill stay in minds of everyone who attended forever. The end of the year sawHeidi return to North America and Mexico for another successful tour. She's ahard working DJ who loves her job and wouldn't change anything for theworld.

Heidi is currently working on an album for Get Physical with her partner Riton.She is also returning to Mexico and North and Central America for a huge tourwith M.A.N.D.Y in the spring. Keep a close eye on this lady. More good thingsare to come from her. Her energy behind the decks and her style of djing isinfectious. It's hard to stand still when she's in control and if you have beento see her play you will understand.


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