Gypsy & the Cat


Gypsy & The Cat is an indie/dream pop duo formed by former Melbourne DJs Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers. Their first live performance wa in 2010 in London, where they were based for much of that year. The released their debut album in November 2010, "Gilgamesh," played in UK and Australia, and have recieved significant airplay including on Triple J, Nova, and Fox during 2011. Gypsy & The Cat were an Unearthed J Award nominee in 2010 and finished the year with three hit songs in the station's Top 100 for the Year. During 2010-2011, they have extensively toured Australia, Japan, German, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong and performed further concerts in UK. Their first album, Gilgamesh, was awarded a Gold Record, and as of mid-2012, they had sold 240,000 units concerning it.


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