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Guaco is a tropical music band from Venezuela that was formed in Maracaibo by Mario Viloria, Gustavo Aguado, and Fernando Dominguez in Zulia in 1968. Mario retired after being the main founder because of college studies but during his participation in the group he was the main composer for several years and his home was the main place where Guaco practiced in the beginnings. The name Guaco is attributed to Mario since in the mornings at his home where the band used to play and practice, a bird called Guaco would fly over. Mario later retired to continue his college studies on engineering but he continues to create "Guaco Music" for his family and friends in Venezuela and in Florida (U.S.) where he lives. The band, having begun as a regular Gaita Zuliana band (a folkloric Zulian rhythm with a heavy use of drums and percussion), during the 70s Guaco diverged from the traditional way of playing the genre by integrating it with elements of Salsa music (like complex horn arrangements), violins and electric guitars (very unusual instruments in a Gaita band). Nowadays, the Guaco rhythm continues to evolve through a complex mixture of Gaita, Salsa, Pop music, Jazz, Funk and even Rock and roll and Vallenato music beats, concocting a recognizable and unique style that is considered to be a landmark of the genre.

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