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Greg Gow


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Toronto-based Greg Gow has long been a leader and crowd favorite in Canada’s electronic music scene. Now his international stature is growing rapidly – as a producer, DJ, promoter and label manager. Since founding his flagship record label, Restructured, in 2001, Greg has put together an outstanding team of artists from around the world and built the label into a solid success, with significant international presence and acclaim. www.restructured.net As an outstanding DJ, Greg currently holds down residencies at Toronto’s leading electronic dance music destinations, Footwork, Guvernment Koolhaus Complex, and Comfort Zone. On the international DJ scene, Greg ;* Represented Toronto at the Miami Winter Music Conference annually since ;* Played the legendary Detroit Movement Festival on the Torino Stage in ;nbsp;* Made many well received appearances in the USA, Mexico, South America and Europe. Recently Transmat, the world-famous label of Detroit’s-own Derrick May, marked its re-launch by releasing Greg’s dynamic EP, The Pilgrimage. One of the featured tracks, The Bridge, has received rave reviews around the world. Greg’s second Transmat EP release Twilight Soul is expected shortly. This deeper, more synth driven project features two exciting tracks, Dearborn Dreams and the headline track, Twilight Soul, which has generated considerable anticipation. www.transmatrecords.com As part of the 25th anniversary celebration of Detroit Techno, D25, Greg is a key player in a world tour with Derrick May and other leading Transmat artists with appearances in Miami, Detroit, Amsterdam and Berlin, among other destinations. Greg has re-launched promoting events in Toronto with partner Derrick Ramirez under the co-venture Alleys of your Mind. To date, they have brought in Derrick May, Carl Craig and Joe Claussell, with more exciting artists to come. Greg is pleased to be represented by Carl Craig’s Detroit Premiere Artists, a leading international booking agency that features outstanding Detroit Techno Artists including Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Stacey Pullen and Kevin Saunderson. www.detroitpremiereartists.com


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