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Takeaki Maruyama, better known by his stage name Goth-Trad, is a Japanese dubstep musician. He began composing dubstep in 2006 after being inspired by Wiley's "Morgue". He has produced four albums, the latest of which - New Epoch - was released on Mala's Deep Medi label. Goth-Trad also runs an underground music night in Shibuya, Tokyo, called "Back To Chill".

A unique producer with a unique style, Goth-Trad (of Rebel Familia) has emerged from the Japanese electronic scene in the last few years as one of the most arresting artists from his generation. Freely playing samplers,
keyboards and even self-made instruments, ‘The Sound Originator’ Goth-Trad creates remarkable dance music with an abstract approach.

Goth-Trad started making music in 1998, experimenting on his own at first before eventually forming the Rebel Familia unit in 2001 with Takeshi ‘Heavy’ Akimoto (ex-member of Dry & Heavy, a legendary Japanese dub and reggae act).

In the years that followed he continued to develop his own sound alongside that of Rebel Familia, giving himself diverse avenues in which to experiment with different sounds, styles and structures.

From abstract electronica to noise, from dub and reggae to jungle and rave music, grime to dubstep, Goth-Trad has always experimented and in the process developed his own unique style: blending influences and delivering music that is constantly evolving.

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