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DJ's Albert Harvey born in 1986 and Kevin Ramos born in 1987, both grew up in The Netherlands. With their mutual compassion for music a new friendship was born. Albert grew up with church gospel, soul and folk muisc from his home country Surinam. At age 7 his grandmother brought him his first Rosler piano, which brought him the passion to go for more. Kevin, whose father is a well known Latin artist and mother is a soul and funky jazz singer, has had musical influence around his all his life as well.

Albert and Kevin joined forces and became inseparable. From that moment on Albert and Kevin became a real musical duo with a wide range of musical production knowledge and skills that can be heard in their live performance.

They first started created beats, tracks and remizes in the studio for several artists as ghost producers in a wide range of different styles. Their musical style and interest can be best described as electronic pop, with all kinds of influence from around the globe.

When Albert and Kevin decided to officially partner up, they had to create a new identity which suites their creativity on both performing and musical way. Albert and Kevin perform on the energy they get from the music, they play music that lightup the crowd, visualizing them as the light and energy on stage. And with that idea the name GLOWINTHEDARK was born. A dynamic duo with passion for Art, Fashion and Music!

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