Glass Candy Pop


In the last four years, the group has toured the west coast numerous times, and managed to make it to the east coast twice. Steadily gathering momentum. It seems with each tour, a new line-up, and with each line-up, new material, and new material brings revision of the older material...They often rework their songs live on stage leaving the audience divided. Some seduced by the more chaotic elements of the performance, while others left disgusted by the seemingly inept ability of the group to function as a whole.

There is definitely no middle ground with GLASS CANDY. Within the confines of the studio, however, it is clear that the group's focus remains sharply on the voice, and the lyrics of Ida No. From the opening of "Crystal Migraine", to the last sentence in "Empty V", she expresses herself through a wide spectrum of raw emotion and communication. Effectively refusing to be pigeonholed. She simultaneously hovers above the dark disco beat of "Brittle Women", while crashing into mangled metal music in songs like "Love On A Plate", and "Love Love Love". The entire album is just over 25 minutes long.


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