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Gaudi's eclectic style and versatility has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a noteable and prolific career. His music, which is an organic fusion of dub, world and nu-beat, is in production, on the playlists and regularly being performed live in the UK and internationally.

He has been stretching the boundaries of music since the start of his career in the early eighties. From a very early age however, Italian born Gaudi cultivated his obsession with music by constantly searching for and experimenting with new forms of sounds and grooves. A classically trained pianist with a fascination for anything that could produce sound distortion, his musical foundations were set in electronic and reggae music.

Gaudi's been up to rather a lot over the last 20 years so to save you having to wade through the whole history... find the section you need by clicking on the relevent link below...

Early 80's - Beginings and foundations...

Late 80's - First releases, first barriers, off to Jamaica and back again...

Early 90's - Solo career takes off, Gaudi signs 2 albums with Polygram, 4 years of touring, discovering the Theremin, releases as ' Dub Alchemist'...

Late 90's - Move to London, first no.1 in UK dance charts, Gaudi establishes himself as a producer & remixer, 3 gold discs & 1 silver, work starts on album "Earthbound"...

Early 00's - Album "Earthbound" released worldwide, Orchestral World Groove is formed, Gaudi remixes Bob Marley. 5th solo album "Bass, Sweat & Tears" (Interchill) and “side project” “CONTINVVM” released worldwide by EM:T Records.

Late 00's - Collaborative album with Pete Namlook: "Re:sonate" (Fax Records) released worldwide. First compilation 'Sub Signals'released with Interchill. Hugely successful album 'Dub Qawwali' earns Gaudi a nomination for BBC World Music Awards 2008

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