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Resident DJ at La Favela Chic at 14 with a first release at the age of 16, he’s now legal and, just like his Inca ancestors, he turns everything he touches into gold. This kid who has been brought up with Latin music has been blessed early on, which is the only explanation for his genius. At just 18, he earns unanimous support with the ARMA E.P. which was playlisted all over the world before it was even released, from Sinden to Crookers, Brodinski and A-trak. Breaktrough artist of the 2010 WMC without even crossing the ocean, his track Senta was a big hit and made its way into every artist’s set under the Miami sun. French Fries is not greedy and lends his talent for remixes where experiments turn the good into great, whether it’s for Pony Pony Run Run, We Have Band, Bart-B More, Crystal Fighters or Logo (Kitsune).. The frenzy of his youth and his flawless technique will make you smile, raise your arms and tap your feet.

Are you going through withdrawal? That’s normal, the sunshine dealer won’t let you suffer too long. Check the weather channel, his E.P.s are as scarce as a meteor shower and that’s why you love him.

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