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Ezekiel "Freekey Zekey" Jiles, President of Diplomat Records, understands what it takes to succeed. While the last three years have challenged Zeke on many levels, he is taking on the next phase of his life with bravado and passion that only the most focused artists truly understand. Fans can expect the solo debut album from Freekey Zekey, Book Of Ezekiel, on July 24, 2007 on Diplomat Records/Asylum, and the masses will enjoy the new era of excitement that the Diplomats will bring in the new year.

Guidance from a strong family upbringing in New York laid the foundation for Zeke's path in life. Through his work on Diplomats.. world-famous mixtapes and Cam'ron's albums, Freekey carved his niche as "The Skit Master," bringing a fiery comedic side to the crew. Nothing is outside his spectrum of personality, and Zeke soon became notorious for commanding attention from fans in various ways.

Building off of his dynamic self expression, Zeke began putting his creative energies into the music as Dipset's star began to rise. Unfortunately, his ambitions were slowed after he was victimized in a robbery attempt in 2004. The situation brought up old charges, and Zeke was sentenced to 35 to 42 months in North Carolina.

During his incarceration, Freekey utilized his resources and laid out a plan for his music career. He put together a solid team, garnered press and planned his own coming home parties between North Carolina and New York. He was released on November 20, 2006, and in less than two weeks sealed his solo album deal with Asylum Records.

Despite the setbacks in his personal life, Zeke stayed in touch with the Diplomats.. business effectively, rallying for the success of each new project. He is stepping into the mix with vigor, both mentally and spiritually prepared to take the reigns. " The only difference now is that we have a lot more money," he says. "It was like I was free, I just couldn't move around. I stayed in tune so much with the label that it was like I was there. Nothing really changed except the year of the Range."

Once Freekey Zekey's debut album Book Of Ezekiel is released, he will officially set up shop for his own label, Dipset South. Despite the regional flavor of the name, Zeke asserts that the brand is global. "When you say Dipset South, it's only because it's based there. We don't limit it to being in the South with Southern artists. Anything could happen - we could have country music or R&B or elevator music. It's worldwide as far as a record label."

Freekey wears battle scars of his life victories, and stays focused to keep his impeccable skills and business savvy in motion. The new album will bring Zeke's honest, creative edge to the forefront, and Dipset will have another hit on their hands.


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