Fred Lilla


It's at the age of thirteen that Fred Lilla gets hold of his first turntables. At first, he just wants to have fun scratching and making loops, but a year later, he sees his brother play house music on them and tries it for himself...He gets hooked strait away, spending hours trying to make good transitions. At fourteen, he mixes in front of 400 people, and rocks it. He then decides to buy himself a Mac, to mkae his own music. He starts with Garageband and very quickly moves to Logic. Spending nights in front of his computer, he first remakes well-known bootlegs, before really making his own booties, remixes and finally tracks from scratch.

One of his top bootlegs is "Day N Revel", supported by Sebastian Ingrosso, Arno Cost, Norman Doray and many others...

At the age of sixteen, he released "Be Loved" with LmaniS, reaching the 45th rank in the Beatport top100, this time supported by Tristan Garner and a lot of people.


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