Frankie Valentine


Frankie has been deejaying for over 20 years and has been producing for 11 years.

His hometown London has given him many opportunities to show his range of different styles in dance music, from uptempo to downtempo making him one of the most demanded djs & producers from London.

As a Dj Frankie has been all over the place, with residencies in such legendary clubs as Tresor (Berlin), Park club in Kensington, the Rotary club in London, to name just a few. 1995 Frankie had the great honour to support the highly respected Underground Resistance Squad, from Detroit, on their first tour in Japan.

As a producer Frankie recorded on countless labels around the globe – such as Estereo Records (London), Icon Rec. (Iceland), File Rec. (Japan), Auto Extension (London), Scien Rec. (Japan), Kooky Grooves (London), Rekawa Sounds (Italy) and many more other independent labels.

2002 saw the release of Frankies long awaited critically acclaimed

debut album " Below the Radar". Out of this album, you can find the two

stunning single releases "Intro/Outro" and "Frankie Valentine in


At the moment, Frankie is staying in vienna to work on his second full

lenght. Expect news in early 2005!


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