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Frankie Negron


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"For me, making Independence Day has been a transition based on emotion and inspiration. Growing up in New Jersey, I listened to great rock bands like Springsteen and Bon Jovi, yet lived in a Puerto Rican household where Salsa was played non-stop. As strange as it might sound, there was no great divide between the two genres," explains Frankie.

Always looking to up the ante, the talented Negron took steps to begin working on the album in mid-2008. Negron has written some of the most powerful & high energy songs on Independence Day with “What can I Say,” “Holding on to Love” and “Stand By Me and Fight” - messages that leave no question of his intention for the upcoming record. “I can rock, but I’m still a romantic guy,” smiles Negron, “You have to have emotion when you sing. If you don’t make me feel, I’m not into it. I like to make people feel.”

The last 10 years have proven that Frankie is that great artist with great songs. He is confident his fan base is going to make the transition with him, assuring them that he won’t be going very far. Having recorded with major record labels throughout his entire career, Negron has now made his home with indie label Airgo Music, founded by the album's producer, Jimmy Greco. “I started Airgo Music mostly out of frustration with the major labels,” says Greco, “I wanted to embrace the new digital world of music. If you have a great artist and great songs, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be heard.” From here, Negron and Airgo Music look to be a perfect fit for one another.

As a singer, you shouldn’t be pigeonholed. You have to remember singing is an art, and if you’re influenced by certain music, and your passion comes from the heart, why not try something new? I will absolutely go back and do another Salsa record, I haven’t left it behind; I just want to do more than one thing. Once people hear this album, there will be no doubt to my audience that this is just another facet of who I am.”


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