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Brooklyn 1973. New York's Frankie Bones not yet old enough to cross the street finds his way through the abandoned freight tracks at the end of his block to a flea market. It was there that this young boy became addicted to something that was later admired upon. "I'm a vinyl junky, I've been buying records every weekend since 1973. It didn't take me long to figure out that records were made for people who D.J., and I love to to turn people on to music". Soon the grafitti writer turned producer was propelled into the limelight and was receiving huge success via his partnership with Tommy Musto (Musto & Bones). With releases such as "Dangerous on the Dancefloor" and the album "The Future is Ours" the hoouse phenomenom was born. He soon began solo projects releasing an innovative series of 12"s on his Breakin' Bones imprint. At 5.30am on the 26th August, 1989 Frankie Bones walked on stage in front of 25,000 people. The event was called "Energy", and was to go down in history.

The Prodigy's Liam Howlett speaks of this time: "I was into Frankie Bones, he would really rip it up. I'd go out and get inspiration listening to him, come home and write music". Fuelled by this experience Frankie took it upon himself to start a scene in his native Brooklyn. The legendary "BonesBreaks" series and "Lonny Tunes" ep's on NU Groove started coming out. He started throwing small parties called "Stormrave". These parties exploded, going from just a handful of people to 5,000 people in a warehouse, on September 19th 1992. These parties gave many of todays most revered dj/producers their first taste: Sven Vath, Adam "X", Josh Wink, Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram to name just a few. Frankie opened up the first specialist record store in New York; Groove Records in Brooklyn. Driven by his love for the underground he pioneered the East Coast scene.

Today, Frankie's store has changed name and moved location. Sonic Groove Records on Carmine St, Manhattan is the best specialist underground electronic music record shop in the USA if not the world. frankie is still looked upon as the "father of the East Coast rave scene": the innovator. He is the most sought after dj throughour North America and is regaining his rightful position in the UK scene: Grand maestro of the undergound. Now with his brother Adam "X" they have started one of the best futuristic electronic record labels, which is aptly namd after their store: Sonic Groove. Strivng to constantly push the boundaries of techno and house music, Frankie Bones is truly a living legend.

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