Francis Harris (adultnapper)


Firmly established now with 50+ dancefloor-oriented EPs to his credit as Adultnapper, Sycophant Slags and Lightbluemover, Francis Harris is no less inspired to continually challenge convention and expand the boundaries of his creativity. 2010 proved a pivotal year in this regard, as Francis embarked on the recording of his first full length album. Titled "Leland," in tribute to his father, the album is a poi- gnant requiem featuring piano, guitar, cello, trumpet and vocals by Danish singer Gry. Although loosely based on house rhythms, "Leland" reaches beyond the club and in realizing this ambitious project, Francis forged new creative partnerships and rekindled a long dormant interest in songwriting, live instrumentation and performance, leading, in 2011, to the launch of Scissor and Thread.

Conceptually, S&T is an open-ended platform for "indie" artist development and album length releases, electronic or otherwise. A slew of talented and wide-ranging new artists are scheduled to debut on S&T in 2012, but for starters the label has focused on remixes from Francis' album by luminaries Matthew Herbert and NSI., as well as material by Jordan Lieb aka black light smoke, with whom Francis has collaborated on the production of "Leland," an as yet to be released full length solo album by former Beirut member Jason Poranski, and a series of EPs for Hafendisko, No. 19 and recently Poker Flat, who closed 2011 with the hit single and video, "Idiot Fair." Under a new alias, lightbluemover, Francis and Jordan launched an epic two man, all hardware live set, Francis' first ever, that forms the centerpiece of a series of S&T showcases that began with DC and Miami at Art Basel, and is continuing with blkmarket membership on New Year's Eve in NYC, BPM Festival and a January 14th turn at Fabric's room one.

Still another new project due from the label early in 2012 is Frank & Tony presents... the brainchild of Francis and S&T co-owner, Parisian DJ/producer, Anthony Collins. With F&T, the pair will explore the sexier side of house music, focusing on deep, slow and melodic tracks that feature various vocalists from the S&T roster. Without so much as one release, F&T have already garnered attention by DJing together under the moniker in NYC, Paris, Atlanta and soon in San Francisco.

Beyond his commercial music endeavors, Mr. Harris continues to score soundtracks for noted installa- tion artist Matthew Weinstein. His composition for "Chariots of the Gods," featuring the last recording of the late Natasha Richardson, debuted to great reviews at NYC's Sonnabend Gallery in Sept. '09. His second Weinstein commission, "The Childhood of Berthold Brecht," this time with actress Blair Brown on vocal debuted Sept. 2011, drawing praise from the New York Times.


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