Fragile Feet


There will be inevitable comparisons to Broken Social Scene. You may even detect vocal harmonies conjuring the twee playfulness of Camera Obscura. At any rate, their take on electropop is singularly scintillating; could they be on deck for indie superstardom?

After years of living room jam sessions, close friends Samuel Haythornthwaite and Jessica Slipp decided to elaborate on their creative ideas and record their first album, We Derserve Each Other. Soon after the albums release in February 2013, guitarist Tom Di Tota joined the group, thus forming a musical trio.

Over the last year, Fragile Feet has performed at many Montreal venues including, Il Motore, Divan Orange and Le Belmont. They have also had some super nice shout-outs from various music blogs such as, and Radio Cannon.

Inspired by a mutual love of post-rock, hip-hop and cats, as well as drawing from the fictional non-fiction of their lives, Fragile Feet create pattern-rich electronic pop with warm reverberated vocals sung over harmonic analogue synths, laptops, and guitars. They are currently recording their next album, All I Can Bear.


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