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DJ Springer and DJ Fergie are arguably the hottest reggae and dancehall deejays in South Florida. Ironically, they both relocated to Florida from Brooklyn, New York but their paths didn’t cross until the summer of 2007 at a club in South Florida.

In the summer of 2007, DJ Fergie was deejaying at a local club where he met DJ Springer. He challenged him to a friendly battle, "dub fi dub," song for song. The clash lasted until closing time. That night started an exciting chapter in both of their lives. The following week, they joined forces for the first time at another event. The feedback was so tremendous that the promoter asked them to be the main deejays for his events. Fergie and Springer constantly promoted themselves and their events at malls, schools,parties, bowling alleys, concerts, restaurants, and online social networking sites. Later that year, DJ Fergie attended a party called Madhouse where he invited DJ Springer & a local club promoter. Coincidentally, the local club promoter knew the Madhouse promoters and convinced them to let Fergie and Springer play for their party. The following week Fergie and Springer arrived at the Madhouse party eager to perform, but the promoters were reluctant to let them play. Finally, at 3:45 am, when most people had left, the promoters gave them an opportunity. To their surprise, Fergie and Springer rocked the crowd and kept them partying until the club closed. Since then, they have been the house deejays for the Friday night Madhouse party.

From their Brooklyn, NY days of spending school lunch money to buy the latest records until now, DJ Fergie and DJ Springer still have a burning passion for music. Years later, they are highly regarded and well respected in one of the nation’s top markets for music and Caribbean culture.

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