Esther Anaya


Esther Anaya is an explosive entertainer, bringing beauty and music to lifewith her amazing talent as a violinist. Born in Monteria, Colombia, Esther began hertraining in classical music at the young age of 8. She quickly emerged as a prodigyand obtained Concert Master position in La Orchestra de Cajamac by the age of12. Esther continued to excel in her natural talent and was awarded the positionof “first violinist” at the prestigious Filarmonica del Atlantico.[spacer_20]After moving with her family to Los Angeles, California, Esther continued herpassion for music and was granted membership to the Young Musician Foundationwhere she performed at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre and Disney Hall. With herextensive training as a violinist and her passion for contemporary and modernmusic, Esther found her true calling working with a wide range of artists that tookher musical talents to the next level. Performing with the likes of Rihanna, KanyeWest, Cristian Castro, Reik, and Mana, Esther has captured the audiences at majorevents like the halftime show at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game and the famous GreekTheatre.[spacer_20]Esther continues to push her musical ambitions in classical and modernmusic, working with local DJ’s and dedicating her time to expanding her range withmusical genres such as House music, Hip-Hop, Techno, and Top 40. She has alsorecorded song mixes that have been played on widely known radio stations likeSuper Estrella 107.1. Esther is currently working on her first album by producingher own music which will be released in 2012.


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