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Estereotypo has the peculiar ability to convert each of their concerts at a party. His formula : indie -rock dance and highly addictive , electronic databases, saturated guitars , catchy choruses and crushing rhythms that make each of their songs in a dance hit .

Since its formation in late 2006 , Estereotypo has given numerous concerts in festivals and front rooms ( SONORAMA , BBK live , Ebrovisión , TremendoPop , Razzmatazz , Riviera, Sala Sol , Apollo, ... ) .

Following the success of his first demo ( demo chosen Cantabria Year 2007 Mondosonoro music magazine ) , a reputation and built an army of fans to force social networking and direct brimming with energy, the band released their first album "Join the Electro Funky Party " , under the seal Astro (April 2009 ) . The success with this debut work culminated with a long tour of major venues and festivals in the country. And the intensity of direct Estereotypo , combining good music with a careful staging, ended up being a secret.

A year later, " Love Your City" , their second album. Mastered by Mike Marsh (Chemical Brothers , Phoenix , ... ) in the London studio The Exchange , published in March 2010 by Astro again , this new work is the consolidation of the Cantabrian group , showing that sequels sometimes may be better . This is demonstrated by numerous music publications (such as the Journal Monodosonoro ) to include it in their lists of the best of 2010 in Spain .

After two fresh discs , explosive , frantic , tachycardic , created between concerts on a tour almost continuously for five years , has stopped Estereotypo maelstrom in which he was immersed and taken breath. Party's over . It's time to reconnect with yourself, accept the changes ( time does not pass in vain ) and translate them into his music.

There have been many months away from the spotlight , highway , where the band has experimented with new sounds and new lenses . Estereotypo 's new work , an album of the same name is about to see the light. Some prefer to speak of maturity , other than evolution, but it is clear that the band has taken a firm and irreversible step toward a more pop sound , smarter, less impulsive and without the urgency that characterized their first two . The result of this long and intense creative process born 11 songs that will be released on January 21, 2013 , are only the tip of the iceberg ( were selected from more than one hundred issues !) . What's more , the new tour is underway . The reinvented Estereotypo will call for now , in the first months of 2013 , in 15 cities across the country. And so on ...

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