El Radio Fantastique


There’s a uniquely theatrical element to El Radio Fantastique's live performances that is always mesmerizing and which has quickly earned this San Francisco group rave reviews. They’re musical theater at its finest, moving listeners to magical and mysterious places they’ve heard only whispers of in their half sleep, seen in their dreams, and feared in dim light. The eight-piece band is a stitched together B-movie creature—part rumba band in purgatory, part cinematic chamber group, part shipwrecked serenade. The group is headed by the charismatic former New Orleans mime and singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Giovanni Dimorente, who pens haunting, melancholic melodies. Beyond El Radio Fantastique's music and minstrel, however, is a man on a mission. "My vision, and my mission, is to take the haunting excitement of many old forms of music, including classical, and making them modern while giving respect to their place in history," Dimorente says, hopefully conjuring something new."


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