Ed Whitty


Irish born and raised, DJ Ed Whitty has spent the last 15 years of his life deeply immersed in the depths of club culture. Currently a resident DJ at Suite B in Orlando FL and featured at such venues as Ultra Music Festival, WMC, The Living Room and all throughout Miami and FL, Dj Ed Whitty infuses his house beats to packed crowds nightly.

Whitty credits his family environment for beginning and nurturing his love of music for the first years of his life. The creative force's that drives Whitty are his performances and human connection between him, his audience and his audience with each other.The giving and receiving of positive energy through music, the ritual of dance, body movement and social interaction with all cultures, races, sexual orientation and religions. Leading us to try to forget the perceived differences that divide us.

He began DJ-ing at local clubs in his home-town Carlow at the age of 17, earning himself an agent who gave him his start playing in Ireland's Capital City of Dublin.

He played consistently throughout his college education on club tours throughout the Rep of Ireland. Sponsored tours by Tia Maria, Corona and Heineken (Passion, Pulse, Seduction, Escape) and also countless clubs throughout the country outside these tours! If the club was big Whitty had played there!

The Foundry nightclub in Carlow became his residential home, a 3000 capacity club that packed in every Thursday to hear him play. While in Wolverhampton, England studying for his degree in Electronic Media he frequently played the local student club spots, honing his skills playing to more multi-cultured crowds.

Whitty’s work has given him fondly remembered residencies in Ireland, U.K. and U.S.A. His style is as varied as the clubs he has played, refusing to be pigeon holed, Whitty pushes the boundaries of genres! He developed his style and uniqueness primarily through the intense touring around Ireland and his sets in the UK and USA.

Through his frequent visits to the states to perform he developed a love for Florida and in March 2004 he moved there permanently to pursue his career. He feels that the diversity of people and their cultures challenges him all the more. He now calls south Florida home. Since his move Whitty's career has developed greatly!!


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