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Earl Turner


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About the Artist Earl Turner is the quintessential singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and recording artist - all wrapped into one. He has received raves, accolades, and standing ovations from coast to coast.

His Music
A compilation of ballads and up-tempo songs plus his own
unique "originals" too.

Recorded the hit single "Love Caught You By Surprise" which
made it to the top 50.

Headlining Gigs He has appeared in major showrooms throughout the U. S. and Canada, drawing rave reviews and "SRO" audiences in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, and Las Vegas. Recently he performed for the Miss Universe Pageant and The International Travel Awards Show at Caesars Palace.

Began Career
In Fayette, Missouri playing for an American Legion Hall function. Earl was 13, and played bass guitar. His brother, Darrell, 8, played drums. They played the same four songs for three hours and got paid a hefty 50 cents a piece!

Mom and Dad Inspire Earl
He hails from a musical family. His mom is an extraordinary piano player and his dad a gifted gospel singer.

Never A Front
As a youngster, Earl was painfully shy. He stayed out of the limelight, until 19! Preferring to play piano and guitar in the bands instead of being a front - man. But at 19, he was thrust to the forefront!

First Professional Gig For "Free"
As a teenager, Earl viewed the Earl White Review, a Chicago band, and was so knocked out by the 13 member band, he volunteered to tour with them - for free. He joined the band, touring the entire U. S. for 7 years. "I was seeking fame and fortune" and "I never made more than $75 per week. I certainly paid my dues!" Earl recalls the necessity for taking on jobs like unloading semi-trucks for extra pay to "make ends meet."

Leukemia Strikes Fellow Band Member Earl Becomes the Headliner
After his stint with the Earl White Review, Earl joined the Vann Company Band in Shreveport. Sadly, Charles Vann, was stricken with leukemia, and died, thrusting Earl to the forefront of the band as its headliner. Earl handled the transition beautifully, and the Vann company became enormously successful at the nightclub. This would catapult Earl to stardom.

Singing Lessons (!!)
He has had only three singing lessons. He has them on tape so that he can listen to them over and over. Critics have marveled and raved over his powerful and beautiful voice.

Dancing Lessons?
Earl's brothers and sisters used to tease him that he had two left feet - now they have changed their tune since seeing him perform. He never has taken any lessons, but his magic moves have made him famous!

He Does It Earl's Way
Earl is often told that he does a song as well or better than the original record because he did it his own way and not as a carbon copy - "It doesn't help to recycle."

"Create A Stir in Vegas"
When Earl arrived on the Las Vegas scene he was determined "To Create a Stir" - Indeed he has! He captured Male Vocal Performer of the Year in his first year in the entertainment capital of the world. Turner has definitely made an impact!

Truly a Family Man
Besides his incredible show business career, Turner is a very active participant in his family's lives. He has served on the PTA Board, is a lunch father, and regularly attends church with his family.

Main Room Attraction In Vegas
Las Vegas entertainment columnist adeptly observes, "Now Earl Turner is WHERE HE SHOULD BE - IN A MAIN ROOM."


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