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Ean Golden is a music pioneer that has played a major role in developing digital djing throughout the world.  Along with popularizing controllerism and modern dj technology through his influential site: DjTechTools.com, he was the lead designer on many of the most popular dj products in the last 5 year. Through this community and live performances, he has inspired the new generation of djs while directly shaping that industry in a significant way.

Career Highlights:

Ean's viral performance videos and tutorials have collected over 25 million views. The Iconic Daft Punk remix for Native Instruments (shown above) clocks in at over 5 million views to date.

Founded the premiere web site for digital djs, Dj TechTools with 1 million visitors per month

Designed several revolutionary dj controllers including the Kontrol S4, Dicer and many others below

Created the emerging dj style of controllerism, a modern turntablism.

Other Accomplishments:

Toured extensively as an artist since 1997 including the notable 2012 CNTRL tour with Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice.

Developed integrated 3D dj technology with Apple computers in 2005

Wrote "the digital" column in Remix Magazine from 2004-2008

Asked to write the book on digital djing by O'Reilly's magazine.

In addition to founding a growing company that is defining the future of his field, Ean was responsible for designing the following ground breaking dj controllers:

The Novation Dicer: The first controller that mounts to a turntable, it is now standard for many djs today.

The Traktor S4: The top selling dj controller in the last year

The Midi-Fighter Classic: The first midi controller with arcade buttons that is now an industry icon.

The Vestax VCI-100 Ean Golden edition The first run sold out in 2 days around late 2008

The VCI-400 Ean Golden edition The 2nd Signature controller from Vestax.

The Midi Fighter 3D This brand new performance interface received global press attention for it's revolutionary motion tracking design

Chroma Caps A very popular line of performance caps and faders built and designed for controllers

As a artist and performer, Mr. Golden has played hundreds of shows spanning 2 decades. His unique sound has traveled around the world with numerous tours through Asia, Europe and South America.

Here is brief history of some the key developments in his remarkable career:

1996-1998 Starts djing in Salt Lake City, Utah at Bricks and gets noticed by the local program director, Sean Phillips, who begins to air Ean's mixes on his popular dance radio show.

1999 Makes a move to San Francisco to pursue djing full time.

2000 Ean is a success in the exploding deep house scene and secures 2 giant residencies with Release and 2nd Sunday.

2001 Formed “LYVE”,  pioneering the integration of live music, djs and visuals in a club environment.

2003 Abandoned turntables for a midi controller, and started developing controllerism.

2004 Started a group called CRFTP, which kicked off mash-ups on the west coast and created many well-knownclassics including “Sweet Home Country Gramha” (featured in TIME magazine).

2004 Worked with Apple computers on the first fully integrated digital dj-3D visual combinations which was demostrated at WWDC 2005 during a major keynote presentation before 5 thousand worldwide software developers.

2005 O’Reillys publishing asked Ean to write the world’s first comprehensive book on digital dj technology.

2005 Starts writing the "Digital Dj" in Remix Magazine.

2006 Begins working directly with Native Instruments on software design and  writes the official Traktor 3 DVD tutorial.

2007 Created Dj TechTools.com to begin educating the emerging digital dj market. The website takes off and quickly becomes the leading voice in the new movement.

2008 With digital djing exploding and controllerism gaining popularity, Vestax creates a limited edition "Ean Golden" VCI-100 controller that sells out in 2 days.

2009 Dj TechTools develops the "Midi-Fighter", a high performance controller designed specifically for controllerism.

2010 Novation releases "the dicer", a breakthrough concept invented by ean that combines turntables and controllerism.

2010 Native Instruments releases the Kontrol S4, an all in one dj controller designed from the ground up by Ean Golden as a replacement for the CDJ paradigm.

2011 Dj TechTools releases an invention by Ean Golden called the Midi Fighter 3D, which is the first dj controller to combine motion tracking in a performance tool.

2012 Teams up with Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice to embark on a 30 day education and performance tour aimed showing america what lies beyond EDM.

2013  Ean continues to design new products and re-define what is possible on stage. He carefully selects and plays a few shows a month, but focuses most of his time on building and developing the worlds largest dj community.


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